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Motavational speaker?

I got the push I needed and now that cloud that's been following me has lessened considerably. So now.. i'm going to do what I want instead of letting HIM get to me. And if HE does want to get me then I'll put up a fight!

So I guess now that the emotional part is over now I should get a job, does anyone have any suggestions? I use to be in a circus as a clown so I'm good at  tricks, I can play poker very well (haven't lost yet!) and I can play piano.


Wow, Lavi this is way out of the way, but in a sense it kinda reminds me of Florida.

Well, I suppose I should have a better look around this place since we'll be staying here for a while (I still don't see why we HAD to move, but I suppose it is for the best that we don't linger in one spot for too long.) It's nice out at least, just in time to avoid that Hurricane Fay! (Wasn't that the name of the Chemistry teacher in Florida?) I hear some of the other people from Fandango managed to get over here too, I'll have to go visit them!

By the way, everyone, my name is Allen Walker, it'll be a pleasure talking with you all!
LUKE'S BACK!!!!!!!!! *big smile*  At least SOMETHING good is happening... Lavi's been acting so out of it lately and I'm a bit worried. Earlier we had this big talk and I think he's having an idenity crisis. But I tried the best I could, the rest is up to him now. *sighs* I realized I really don't get out much so I guess I'll use this as an excuse to view the city and meet some new people?

Mid life crisis?

Lavi seemed to be having trouble with something really personal. I tried to help but there's only do much you can do or say when you don't understand the topic. I wonder......... what IS a Bookman?
Lavi's a sore loser, but anyway I finally met his nakama. Their an 'interesting' group, but they seem nice enough. I totally kicked all of their asses in Strip though.. Hence why I have Lavi's hammer.

By the way Mr. Eyepatch. Want your Innocence back you gotta work for it. I'm fair enough, but I'd want a trade since it does belong to me now~~~  You have all the time you want to figure out what, but the longer you wait the longer I have it and the longer YOU don't.


Luke left behind his cat ,Kura,for me to take care of. I'm sad to see him go, but I'm sure he has his reasons. To make up for everything though I'm going to watch over the kitten for him very well, I'm sure Lavi wouldn't mind another addition to ur house, and I have good reasons too!

Nothing to do here~


;_______; They explode...............



I think I'll stay with raising chickens.

Back to normal~

My clothes fit me again, I can wear all of my old pants again. And I was right too, miniskirts do make you cold, I wonder how Lenalee deals with it all. *happy sigh* Well at any rate the uncomfortable draft is gone.

Someone should tell me now though, do things like that happen alot here? Should I prepare myself for the worst? I guess it will be okay as long as nothing is permanent, right?